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  1. Zuma Ball (22 228 times)
  2. Exoot Bouncing Balls (19 689 times)
  3. Little Bear Zuma (15 562 times)
  4. YouGame Color Balls Solitaire (12 253 times)
  5. Goodgame Farmer (11 373 times)
  6. Market Delivery (9 936 times)
  7. Farm Mania (9 493 times)
  8. Beads Puzzle (9 293 times)
  9. Lisa's Farm Animals (7 270 times)
  10. Farm Roads (5 965 times)


  1. Apartment of Death Escape of the Nice Robot (174 times)
  2. tetris Mania (122 times)
  3. Sandstorm (261 times)
  4. Kitty's Wild Adventure (259 times)
  5. Gives you Hell (282 times)
  6. Cave Escape (264 times)
  7. Duelers (260 times)
  8. Knight Treasure (247 times)
  9. Red Riding Hood Run (244 times)
  10. Temple Defence (235 times)

Top Players

  1. cristi (821 plays)
  2. ralu_k90 (334 plays)
  3. veverita47 (57 plays)
  4. telu.florea (54 plays)
  5. avatarenoi (40 plays)
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Jocuri Online Gratis > Puzzle

Hungry Kitty

Hungry Kitty is adorable. And hungry! Pop the bubbles in the fish tank to fin...

(Played: 439)


Help this special ball to survive in the wild.

(Played: 303)

I saw her standing there

I saw her standing there, but then, she was a .... zombie.

(Played: 517)

Ice Cream Parlour

You’re working at an ice cream parlour and are getting very busy! Quickly cho...

(Played: 303)

Iced Boom

Meet a new physical remove game! A chubby penguin wants to swim in icy water,...

(Played: 183)


Get fun in killing zombies by sharp spikes, saws and other traps

(Played: 241)

Imperfect Balance 2

45 new constructions are waiting for you to destroy them.

(Played: 301)

In The Bucket

In the bucket is a cool physic games where you have to put the balls in a buc...

(Played: 315)


A new physics puzzler by Colin and Sarah Northway, makers of Fantastic Contra...

(Played: 147)

Insects Wave

An insects wave is coming! They might look cute but watch out! they are extre...

(Played: 142)


Intruded is an unique and atmospheric 3D adventure game.

(Played: 207)

Inverted Y

Hero of the game inverted Y. He lives in the world of letters. He has the spe...

(Played: 303)

Iron Champ Collection

Can you iron all clothes within the time limit?

(Played: 236)

Iso Digger

Your task is to reach the purple object in this puzzle game.

(Played: 197)

Isoball X1

Overclock your brain with the most challenging Isoball game out there. 36 min...

(Played: 506)

Jail Escape

Graphical adventure where your objective is to escape from jail

(Played: 180)


10,000 years ago an alien civilization was destroyed by the same war machine ...

(Played: 177)

Jelly Cannon

A shooting puzzle with a nice soft body physics.

(Played: 217)

Jewel Match

Match the Jewel triplets to fuse them and score.

(Played: 723)


Jigsaw game with hint

(Played: 203)

Jigsaw Puzzle Paradise

This is a large set of jigsaw puzzle to be play

(Played: 378)

Jim Loves Mary

This is a story about true love between Jim and Mary! Help them to meet each ...

(Played: 146)

July 4. Spot the Difference

Find five differences between the two pictures. Good art work, relaxing effect.

(Played: 184)


Physics-based puzzle with 30 unique levels. You can\'t jump! But your friends...

(Played: 374)

Jungle Collapse

Exploding \"block collapsing\" highscores game with 14 levels of increasing d...

(Played: 194)

Jungle Crash

Remove pieces by matching at least 3 of the same kind

(Played: 187)

Kaboomz 3

Use your cannon to pop the balloons before they leave the screen. There are s...

(Played: 416)


A kaleidoscopic puzzle game.

(Played: 165)

Keep The Balance

Use mouse drag to build construction. Dont let figures fall.

(Played: 171)

Keg Delivery

It's your job to bring the keg full of beer to the pub, can you solve the puz...

(Played: 143)

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