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Inspired by the world famous ICQ game Zoopaloola the brand new Galaxy Guardia...

(Played: 175)

Level based bow and arrow physics game with awesome cartoon graphics and medi...

(Played: 204)

A point and click, steampunk adventure.

(Played: 149)

Gem crush is a colorful and challenging puzzle game. Try it out! You have to ...

(Played: 261)

Take the role of a Gembinder, imbuing items with incredible power through the...

(Played: 177)

Fast action arcade match 3 game. You have 60 seconds and 60 moves to beat the...

(Played: 201)

Collect jewels into chests.

(Played: 189)

A magnificent Match 3 game with deluxe level design and multiple power-ups.

(Played: 252)

Gemwars is a great combination of popular block collapsing genre and turn bas...

(Played: 201)

Cute and easy Christmas match 3 game.

(Played: 187)

Educative game that make geographic fun. This game is on Africa

(Played: 197)

Educative game that make geographic fun. This game is on Middle East

(Played: 193)

Educative game that make geographic fun. This game is on South America

(Played: 164)

Click on three or more matching ghosts of the same colour to remove them.

(Played: 245)

Zombies have infiltrated your crypt.

(Played: 338)

You align at least three balls of the same color to remove them and trust you...

(Played: 317)

Enter a hexagonal world that pulses to the music while using your mouse and v...

(Played: 154)

Remove clusters of like-coloured blobs in order to clear each level. Think st...

(Played: 263)

A funny mini-golf. Bring the ball to the exit.

(Played: 209)

Cute and simple Christmas physics puzzle game

(Played: 201)

Make sure your predator the sea lion doesn\'t spot you or its curtains for y...

(Played: 229)

Help the robots get to their bases

(Played: 171)

It was a beautiful day in for God until Saint Peter lost his key to open the ...

(Played: 165)

Goo Balls is a highly polished casual physics matching game. Easy to pick up ...

(Played: 249)

Match all the flower before sunset

(Played: 178)

Skill game with stealth mechanics.

(Played: 142)

Help hog get the best score by popping balloons and swinging high into the sky.

(Played: 182)

Help brave Gravity Bear to return his home planet!\r\nAvoid gravity force att...

(Played: 288)

Gravity-Ball is a ball-puzzle game witch contains forced gravity. \r\n

(Played: 299)

The archaeologists are being bothered by bandits. It's your task to stop the ...

(Played: 219)

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  1. Snack Time Kiss (2 760 times)
  2. London Fashion Dressup (2 334 times)
  3. Donkey Kong Car 2 (3 013 times)
  4. Airplane serving (2 322 times)
  5. Sonic ATV - Mario Land (2 220 times)
  6. Hero Epic (1 817 times)
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  8. Angry Charlie 2 (1 588 times)
  9. Spiderman combo biker (1 251 times)
  10. Ben 10 Super Adventure (1 043 times)

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