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  1. Zuma Ball (22 468 times)
  2. Exoot Bouncing Balls (20 064 times)
  3. Little Bear Zuma (15 836 times)
  4. YouGame Color Balls Solitaire (12 501 times)
  5. Goodgame Farmer (11 567 times)
  6. Market Delivery (10 157 times)
  7. Farm Mania (9 733 times)
  8. Beads Puzzle (9 439 times)
  9. Lisa's Farm Animals (7 403 times)
  10. Farm Roads (6 101 times)


  1. Apartment of Death Escape of the Nice Robot (324 times)
  2. tetris Mania (272 times)
  3. Sandstorm (372 times)
  4. Kitty's Wild Adventure (382 times)
  5. Gives you Hell (388 times)
  6. Cave Escape (384 times)
  7. Duelers (425 times)
  8. Knight Treasure (357 times)
  9. Red Riding Hood Run (343 times)
  10. Temple Defence (359 times)

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  1. cristi (821 plays)
  2. ralu_k90 (334 plays)
  3. veverita47 (57 plays)
  4. telu.florea (54 plays)
  5. avatarenoi (40 plays)
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Best games

Alte Jocuri

tetris Mania

jogo sendo desenvolvido em breve posto o projeto...

(Played: 272)

Lamb Pizza

Do you like Pizza? Maybe you want to try something else? What about a lamb pi...

(Played: 1 689)

Dora's Birthday Party!

Dora is always on an adventure but today is the birthday party of Dora the Ex...

(Played: 1 977)

Spellcreepers Prelude

Enter Spellcreepers and challenge your opponents for this magical trial of st...

(Played: 1 222)

Jocuri cu bile

Bubble Spiel

This is a great Bubble Shooter game. You should shoot the bubbles as fast as ...

(Played: 4 291)

Little Bear Zuma

A colorfull and funny zuma game where you have to shoot the colored balls nex...

(Played: 15 836)

Exoot Bouncing Balls

Use your mouse to aim and click to shoot your \r\ncolored ball into groups of...

(Played: 20 064)

YouGame Color Balls Solitaire

Use your mouse to aim and click to shoot your colored ball into groups of th...

(Played: 12 501)

Jocuri cu farm mania

Farmer Pepee

Pepee wants to be a good farmer but he needs your help.

(Played: 4 241)

Lisa's Farm Animals

help Lisa feed the farm animals

(Played: 7 403)

Farm Mania

Gather in the harvest for an exact period of time.

(Played: 9 733)

Farm Roads

Connect the farming community by linking all the isolated roads in order to j...

(Played: 6 101)

Jocuri cu impuscaturi

Kitty's Wild Adventure

Kitty is on an adventure but is being attacked by dogs! Shoot the dogs and co...

(Played: 382)

A Bad Day In Texas

Help exterminate abominations within our country, one at a time.

(Played: 696)

Doge-Safe the Moon

Only true fun cryptocurrency is going to save moon from evil bitcoin corporat...

(Played: 1 012)

Eisydian Saga

Shoot bad guys, dodge bullets, collect powerups, and attempt to save the worl...

(Played: 1 453)

Jocuri cu masini

Madness Monster

A nother super cool driving game from . In this game, you wil...

(Played: 2 249)

Batman Dark Race

Race the Dark Race with Batman! Try to beat the others and win this race! Wat...

(Played: 1 912)

Car Eats Car 2: Mad Dreams

Who could ever think that little cars can fight with monsters? It's a continu...

(Played: 2 641)

Monster Truck Taxi

Ride your way through these courses and get your passenger to her destination...

(Played: 2 176)

Jocuri cu Motociclete

Mountain Ride 2

Do you like to cross on a Motor? Ride on your motor in the mountains and try ...

(Played: 2 104)

Motocross Nitro

Be warned. Motocross Nitro will bring out your inner speed demon. Customize y...

(Played: 2 870)

spiderman bike game

Spiderman needs your help as he races across the city on his new motorbike, T...

(Played: 1 350)

Raichu Air Rider

Raichu likes to ride. Help Raichu to finish all the levels. Look out for the ...

(Played: 1 359)

Jocuri de gatit

Salt Cod with Chickpeas

Don't know what to cook today? What about salt cod with chickpeas? This a goo...

(Played: 1 122)

Mozzarella Risotto Balls Recipe

Make some nice Risotto Balls from Mozzarella. This is a delicious recipe, try...

(Played: 1 132)

Make Carrot Cake

Do you like cake? Try to make this nice carrot cake! Mix, bake and cut the in...

(Played: 1 427)

Make barbeque chicken

What do you think of chicken? Do you want to make delicious chicken? This is ...

(Played: 1 244)

Jocuri online 2011

Gravity Football Champions 2012

The latest edition of Gravity Football Champions! Football (soccer) + physic...

(Played: 2 106)

New Year Kiss 2011

Welcome 2011 with warm kisses. Kiss your girlfriend at park without getting c...

(Played: 2 611)


Every gentlemen knows that money doesn't grow on trees !! In fact, money grow...

(Played: 2 158)

London Riots: The Game

Clash with the police as you and your gang rampage through the streets of London

(Played: 1 840)

Jocuri online 2012

Assault Outpost II

In 2012 we established a base on the mars. Only to find out we are not alone...

(Played: 2 276)

The Mayan Prophecy

The Mayan Prophecy is a slot game done and set in the Mayan culture and its p...

(Played: 2 348)

Choose Your 2012

Decide how to end the world in 2012 with various natural disaster weapons and...

(Played: 2 620)


Shoot the enemies will get the gifts, and collect we get more points .

(Played: 2 761)

Jocuri poker ca la aparate

Bullfrog Poker

Participate against live players online, perfect your bluff, and force other ...

(Played: 1 151)

Ultimate Video Poker

Take on the casino as you ante up to see your first two cards and continue to...

(Played: 1 430)

Las Vegas Stud Poker

Experience the excitement of Las Vegas Stud Poker from the comfort of your ho...

(Played: 1 283)

Poker Square

Lovers of poker beware: can you form the best hands by using 25 cards from th...

(Played: 1 163)

Jocuri remi online

Gin Rummy by Fupa

This game is played by 2 players. At the start of a game each player is dealt...

(Played: 3 349)


The player has different rummy’ son the board where the player needs to match...

(Played: 2 015)

Gin Rummy

Play Gin rummy and compete.

(Played: 2 869)


Play Rummikub with cards against a computer opponent. Try to beat your oppone...

(Played: 3 309)

Jocuri Strategie

Realms Gate

Defend the portals between heaven and hell in this addictive tower defense game.

(Played: 1 108)

Color Siege

Stop the knights before they get to the castle! Click or press the key for th...

(Played: 1 066)

World War

The enemies are coming! Defend the homeland!- 7 levels- 8 different enemies- ...

(Played: 1 031)

Astral Alliance

Astral Alliance is a space themed real-time strategy game that pits you again...

(Played: 1 098)

Parcari masini

Army Base Parking

Your working at an army base and you have to park all kinds or military vehic...

(Played: 1 288)

Parking Space 3

The third part of the popular car game Parking Space. Drive your car and park...

(Played: 2 823)

Pro Parking

You have to park the car on the indicated area, and also you have the possibi...

(Played: 3 246)

Park My Truck

Never challenge a monster truck for the last parking spot...

(Played: 3 800)


Apartment of Death Escape of the Nice Robot

This is a simple adventure game in which you are a robot who wants to locate ...

(Played: 324)

Temple Defence

On Temple Defence you have to defend yourself from ordes of monsters! Use you...

(Played: 359)

The RIght Color

The RIght Color is a game inspired by the Stroop effect. You need to check if...

(Played: 438)


Join the numbers and get to the 2048 tile! HOW TO PLAY: Use your arrow keys ...

(Played: 655)


Ina Colada - 7 Tränen muss ein Mädchen weinen

Der offizielle TV Clip zum aktuellen Chart-Hit " Tränen muss ein Mädchen wein...

(Played: 1 772)



(Played: 3 702)

ALPHA and OMEGA Music Video [1080p HD]

This movie has accurately potrayed a lot of facts on how real wolves behave. ...

(Played: 2 155)

Elephants Dream HD 1080p (Feature Animation Short Film)

The movie was made mostly as an experiment, rather than to tell a certain sto...

(Played: 3 411)



You need save the base, destroy enemy's, or evacuate truck.


(Played: 372)

Gives you Hell

Physical simulator of defence, a kind of Angry birds vice versa. Is still in ...

(Played: 388)

Cave Escape

Please help Rudy the miners to get out of the mine, and bring as many diamond...

(Played: 384)


Play Duelers, save the princess from evil who want conquer the world. Prepare...

(Played: 425)


Foot Chinko

Foot Chinko is the best HTML5 soccer game on the web. Choose your team and ch...

(Played: 245)

Sprint Club Nitro

An arcade style 3D racing game with 9 increasingly challenging levels across ...

(Played: 258)

Football Tricks

Take control of your team on the field! Perform awesome Football Tricks and r...

(Played: 579)

8 Ball Pool Multiplayer

Shoot eight ball pool against live players. POT the 8 BALL LAST, after you’ve...

(Played: 1 724)

Jocuri Barbie

Barbie Goes Swimming Dress up

Barbie has checked in to a beautiful holiday resort to spend her weekend. She...

(Played: 1 912)

Barbie Winter Dress Up Clothes

Barbie winter dress up clothes. Barbie winter games. Dress for the cold days ...

(Played: 1 740)

White Angel Katie Dress up

White angel katie Dress up and decorate. Katie to help get dressed. Dress up ...

(Played: 1 480)

Princess Coloring

Princess Coloring - FREE, printable PRINCESS COLORING PAGES, printables and p...

(Played: 1 675)

Jocuri Mario

Mario Buggy

Mario is racing against the goomba's! Help Mario to win in this Buggy Roll Ra...

(Played: 1 060)

Mario Beach Remix

Another game of Mario.This time he is on the Beach Can you make it through ea...

(Played: 1 281)

Mario Motor Bike

Mario likes to ride on his Motor Bike! Drive trought all levels and try to co...

(Played: 1 075)

Mario BMX Remix

Grab your Bmx and ride as fast as you can, with Mario the arcade hero. Will y...

(Played: 1 227)

Funny Video

Why Bosses Should Probably Be More Specific With Directions

This worker DID the job he was asked, just in probably a different way than w...

(Played: 1 660)

Biker Loses Chain, Still Crushes Competition

This biker is off the chain, yo! Sorry...

(Played: 874)

Guy Creates Jurassic Park 3D Stop Motion Chalk Art

And <i>this</i> 3-D Jurassic Park won't cost you 20 bucks to ...

(Played: 733)

Why You Should Never Ride The Subway-- In Pictures

Welcome to the freak show. Price of admission: one subway fare.

(Played: 793)

Good Game

Goodgame Galaxy

Become the commander of your own space station. Utilize the galaxy's resource...

(Played: 1 238)

Goodgame Gangster

Goodgame Gangster is the brand new title from Goodgame Studios. Live the lif...

(Played: 1 559)

Goodgame Disco

Deschideţi un club de noapte in noul joc Goodgame Disco. Poti fi Dj si vei pu...

(Played: 1 813)

Goodgame Fashion

Deschide-ti propriul magazin de moda cu Goodgame Fashion. Gaseste noi prieten...

(Played: 1 747)