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Welcome to Jocuri Online Gratis!

Have fun playing some of the best online games ever created and remember to check back often because we are always adding new and even better games.

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Alte Jocuri

kiss before the iceman spots you

(Played: 3 221)

This girl is on citytrip in London! She want to see the city, but doesn't kno...

(Played: 2 772)

Help the Stewardess to serve all the people in the plane. Try to serve them o...

(Played: 2 731)

This girl is in the indoor swimming pool. Choose her clothes, bikini and acce...

(Played: 652)

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Jocuri cu impuscaturi

Charlie is angry at all women. He is treated badly every time. Help Charlie t...

(Played: 1 810)

As a police officer your job is to chase the thiefs down. You can Shoot the t...

(Played: 630)

Run around with bart simpsons and shoot al your Bullys down with a water gun ...

(Played: 554)

Redneck is fighting against hordes of animal zombies! Shoot all the zombie an...

(Played: 684)

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Jocuri cu masini

drive over the hills with Donkey Kong in a carBe very careful and you can win...

(Played: 3 499)

Sonic is lost in mario land. Can you help him ?

(Played: 2 597)

Race with the Flintstones in the 1 and only Flintstones car!

(Played: 3 373)

What if Spiderman entered a stunt competition ? The result of the competition...

(Played: 1 349)

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Fight the evil hordes over 20 levels and 5 different stages! Conquor the land...

(Played: 2 102)

Shoot all the bottles down from little cowboy's head in this cute western the...

(Played: 557)

Ben is at a dump, but he is not alone! There are creatures who want to kill B...

(Played: 494)

This Seahorse wants to go back to his home where his friend waits.Help him to...

(Played: 608)

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Run as ben 10 and grab the coins and jump on Enemys as you make it to the exi...

(Played: 1 083)

Each time after classes when the girl is out of school, a giant shrimp takes ...

(Played: 689)

Go on adventure with Wario in the world of wario! Help him to collect al the ...

(Played: 743)

Help mario to find Peach in the castle of Bowser!

(Played: 739)

More Action


Play Classic snooker,play in single-player mode or challenge a friend to get ...

(Played: 818)

All famous characters are back!Play as Mario and Battle against Ash Ketchum, ...

(Played: 632)

Race like a Captain on a submarine, and be the Hero of the Sea's.

(Played: 666)

Ride in the scary Jungle, Are you able to conquer all parcours?Yes? help now ...

(Played: 676)

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Played today: 2 622

Overall played: 861 544

Total members: 7

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Most Popular

  1. Xtrem Snowboarding (8 878 times)
  2. Fruit Splash (3 769 times)
  3. Rihanna Fashion Dress up (3 641 times)
  4. Candy Craze (3 628 times)
  5. Trap Shoop (3 628 times)
  6. Kumite (3 611 times)
  7. Donkey Kong Car 2 (3 499 times)
  8. Caravan Toss (3 436 times)
  9. Flintstones Car (3 373 times)
  10. Snack Time Kiss (3 221 times)


  1. Snack Time Kiss (3 221 times)
  2. London Fashion Dressup (2 772 times)
  3. Donkey Kong Car 2 (3 499 times)
  4. Airplane serving (2 731 times)
  5. Sonic ATV - Mario Land (2 597 times)
  6. Hero Epic (2 102 times)
  7. Flintstones Car (3 373 times)
  8. Angry Charlie 2 (1 810 times)
  9. Spiderman combo biker (1 349 times)
  10. Ben 10 Super Adventure (1 083 times)

Top Players

  1. cristi (854 plays)
  2. ralu_k90 (334 plays)
  3. veverita47 (57 plays)
  4. telu.florea (54 plays)
  5. avatarenoi (40 plays)
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